Organic Forest Honey


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  1. Helps regulate sleep: Honey increases the black forest of insulin in the body and triggers serotonin, a hormone that turns into melatonin responsible for regulating sleep.
  2. Treatment of sore throat and cough: Whether you take it directly from the spoon, mix it with hot lemon water or take it to treat cough and cold symptoms.
  3. Moisturizing the skin: Black forest honey helps to moisturize and clean the skin, especially in people with rashes and skin, as it kills bacteria that cause these problems and restore the freshness of your skin.
  4. Treatment of wounds and burns: Honey is an antimicrobial, so it cleanses the affected area and promotes healing.
  5. Increased immunity: Black honey helps maintain the body’s immune system and protects against diseases that can attack you at any time.
  6. Saves uric acid symptoms: uric acid is a disease caused by the accumulation of fat between your joints, leading to difficulties in moving, black honey works to reduce the aches.
  7. Reduces the level of cholesterol: The high level of cholesterol leads to the emergence of some serious diseases, such as: a heart attack, high blood pressure, and cancer.
  8. Liver Strengthening: The process of detoxification inside your body will work smoothly and naturally if you eat honey black forest.
  9. Reduce stomach acid: The consumption of alcohol or coffee or any type of food or beverage that contains a lot of acids, may cause you acid in the stomach.

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